our curriculum

Additional Information

 At Sai's Sprouts our learning environment is set up to facilitate student discussion and stimulate collaborative learning. 

Specific characteristics associated with the child’s interests and abilities can be seen at each plane of development.  A school carefully designed to meet the needs and interests of the child will work more effectively because it is consistent with basic principles of psychology.  Rather than fight the laws of nature, we “follow the child” and allow him/her to show us how to facilitate the development of his/her human potential.

This focus on the “whole child” has led Us to develop a very different sort of school from the traditional adult-centered classroom.  The classroom is not the domain of the adults in charge, but rather a carefully prepared environment designed to facilitate the development of the child’s independence and sense of personal empowerment.

This is a true community of young children.  They move freely within the room and between areas of interest, selecting work that captures their interest, rather than passively participating in lessons and projects selected by the teacher.

The teachers closely monitor their students’ progress, keeping the level of challenge high.  Because they come to know the children so well, our teachers can use special materials for individual needs to enrich the curriculum and provide alternate avenues for accomplishment and success.

Our curriculum exceeds the standards set by the CA Department of Education, in the California Preschool Program Guidelines and California Preschool Learning Foundations

We follow the guidelines and recommendations of the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC), which sets the gold standard for teaching and caring for Young Children and Families.